Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lucky we go camping

We were sitting around the dining table having a lovely family lunch on Sunday when the power went out.   It was the second time that day that it had gone out so we were expecting it to come back on after an hour or so.
NOPE!  We didn't get power again until 1am on Wednesday morning.
Lucky our camping gear was in the shed so we grabbed that out so we could at least cook and boil the kettle.
We certainly weren't alone in the South East here as so many people lost their power for days after the torrential rain and wind from ex-Cyclone Oswold.
We were really lucky that my Mum and my sister still had power so we emptied the freezers and filled theirs up.  Other people weren't so lucky and have been throwing out everything that was in their freezers and fridges.
We also had our camping fridge which can run on gas so we could keep some things cold which was great.
We handled no power pretty well I think.  In fact it didn't really worry us too much as the kids were happy playing outside or doing puzzles.  We even got the board games out and had some lovely family time playing them.  An added bonus is that hubby's been home this week as well as he couldn't get back to work because of the floods.
It's lovely to have power now though as I can at least get some washing done without having to run over to Mum's and as it was back into the high 30's Celcius (it was 37 degrees when I picked the kids up from school), I was very happy to be able to put the air-conditioner and fans on.
Hope you're all having a great week.
xx Susan

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