Tuesday, January 8, 2013

There's work to be done

The day always starts with a cuppa. (There's plenty more throughout the day too).
We were at Aunty Rob's to work though so get your boots on kids.

See these goats below....  They were getting a bit naughty so their days were numbered.  In fact it was minutes because not long I took this photo they were having an endless sleep.
The goats had been sorted so it was branding time.

Grandad had this taken care off with help from hubby.

After all that hot work it was time to cool off.

The chickens are also laying REALLY well at the moment.  There were plenty of eggs in the fridge, in fact the space you see below had another 4 cartons there not long before I took this photo.

There were plenty more eggs in containers on the table as well as in the door of the fridge so quiches and scrambled eggs were consumed while we were there.

We also came home with 4 dozen of them so I'll be doing a bit of baking over the next week I think.

Yes we're back home with a sad dog and kids who are now confined to our small yard again.  Ok, and a sad mummy too cause I love it at Aunty Rob's and wasn't ready to come home.

That maybe because my house is such a mess right now and one of my challenges over the next few months is to do some serious decluttering! 

xx Susan

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