Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Master M turns 5!

On Monday, 7th January Master M turned 5!
The present opening is by far the best part of the day.
Especially when you get something you really wanted and squeal that it's SUPER AWESOME!

Pancakes always seem to be a tradition for breakfast on birthday mornings.

...and of course there was cake.  A chocolate cake for my chocoholic son.  (Unfortunately it was a shop bought cake which makes me feel I've failed in the mother department this birthday but cooking one in time wasn't an option).

He did insist we had to buy a caramel cake for Little Miss R as she hates chocolate so we ended up with 2 cakes to share.  Luckily Nan, Poppy and Uncle I came over to help us demolish them.

Turning 5 also means that in a few weeks he'll be starting school!  He's so excited about that and so am I as it will hopefully mean a little less destruction about the place.

He's not deliberately naughty or anything, he's just very, very curious as to how things work and is a typical rip, tear, bust little boy. 

So happy birthday to my little man.

xx Mummy

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bones said...

Happy Birthday little man. How cute that he wanted a cake for his sister. Had a scan today Susie. Looks like bub #4 is another little miss :) The girls are very excited.