Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sad but necessary

In 2004 we got married and the rings were put on my finger.
Since then I've had two kids and put on nearly 20 kilo's, most of that in the last 18 months.
My wedding and engagement rings were getting VERY tight and beginning to hurt so drastic action was needed.

I now have a dented ring mark in my finger and two rings which hubby cut off the other night with the tin snips.
It was a sad moment to know that they're damaged but I was so relieved to have them off.  Now we just have to see if we can get them fixed.

xx Susan


Enchanted Moments said...

Oh gosh! tin snips! :( I had mine made bigger about 18 months ago, I had not worn them for over a year since my last child as my knuckles had gotten bigger and weight gain had made them uncomfortable, I always took them off during pregnancy, just in case I couldnt get them off...Im sure you can get them cant even see where mine were joined...

bones said...

:( I'm sure they'll be able to fix them Susie. I'll have to take my wedding band off soon or it will need to be cut off too. Feels weird not wearing them though.