Thursday, 24 January 2013

Happy pottering

Hubby is home. Oh what a difference it makes having him here to help out with the kidlettes. His last two shifts seemed to go forever and he only had two days at home in between them. 
As a result, I've spent a long time with just the kids and was starting to need to be admitted to an asylum by Tuesday.
He's home and I've locked myself away from screaming, whinging, fighting kids and am in my happy place.
Continuing on with my clothes sewing for 2013, I've made another top and I have to say it's really light, cool and comfortable.  Amazingly I didn't even have to do a bust adjustment for it!
It was a little low in the front and I hate having a large area exposed, mainly because I hate having the hot sun beating down on any exposed area of skin.  We have a bit of a history with skin cancer in the family (as most Australians seem to), so I like to cover up as much as possible.
I added a piece of white ribbon across the front which really finished the top off but it is a little crooked so I may have to unpick it and straighten it.  Then again, this is me so it will probably stay that way forever more.
 You may also remember I showed you a piece of canvas my sister had painted on.  Well this is the not quite final result...
It's supposed to be a glasses case but I need to reinforce the bottom a bit more to make it sturdier so that any glasses inside will be protected.
I also need to finish the closures on it.  I put in a hidden magnet but it wasn't strong enough so it won't stay shut.  I ended up putting two other pearl clasps on it which I really don't think look right on it. 
I'm also having a bit of trouble putting them in.  I think I need to work on my hammering technique!
Just to make my life a bit happier I received my order from Darn Cheap Fabrics the other day.  This is in no way a paid advert for them as that's something I'd never do on my blog but when I get good service I like to tell people.
I've ordered from them before and have my package delivered within 2 business days of ordering (most of the time it's the next day).
It's always packaged beautifully....
...and I always receive a free gift with my order.  It's usually only 50cm of some ribbon or trimmings but I love the fact that I get a little gift for free. 
So this time I got my order, delivered in super quick time plus...
...a free gift of some ribbon.  I'm not sure what I'll do with these roses but I'll put it in my stash and I'm sure they will be perfect for some future project. 
I had thought of making something for Little Miss R with them on but it's a bit too girly for her. 
Only a few days of the holidays left so I'm also busy covering books and labelling things.  We're off to buy school shoes on Friday and visit Grandma as she's now back from her Christmas break in Cairns with her other son and his family.
Lots to do and with hubby home for a few more days I'll try and squeeze some 'me time' in and a bit more sewing.
xx Susan

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