Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where have the holidays gone?

Mid-December 2012 seems so long ago but that's when the summer school holidays started.  With only just over one week left until the new school year begins, I'm wondering just what on earth we've done with our time.
There's been Christmas and New Years of course and the time between them seems to fly by.  Just as we're getting over that we realise that it's Master M's birthday (as well as a niece's, a nephews and a brother-in-laws all in the first 9 days of the New Year).
Between all those days though there has been plenty of sliding in the backyard..
 I've also aquired 2 bookshelves to store my crafty things in.  This one is in one of our hallways and is now VERY full with all my crochet things and craft books. (The other is in my sewing room and is COMPLETELY FULL of fabric and other sewing goodies.)

 There's been plenty of yummy salads  which are about the only thing you feel like eating on a hot summer's day (and the days have been bloody hot!) 
If those salads (and risottos) are completed with some smoked salmon then that really tops off the day.
Of course there has been an enormous amount of swimming.  In fact we've been heading out to my sister's almost every afternoon for a swim. 
I'm loving it for a number of reasons as it:
1. Keeps the kids happy
2.  Tires them out
3.  #1 and #2 make Mummy happy
4.  Mummy has also been unintentionally losing a little weight because of the salads and the swims.
5.  All of the above make Mummy VERY happy indeed.
We've also seen a number of Rhinocerous beetles this summer.  We haven't seen them in recent years so the kidlettes go their first look at one and weren't too keen on the noise it was making.
I had so many plans to keep the kidlettes busy and occupied during these holidays and all of a sudden I'm running out of time and have hardly done a thing with them. 
Having said that, it's been a reasonably happy holidays and they haven't felt like they've missed out on much at all.  Then again, I NEVER tell them my plans because then they won't be upset if we don't get to do things (like go for a train ride).
I also think that because it's been so hot, they've been happy to potter around home and go for a swim nearly every afternoon.  That's the biggest secret of our pretty happy holidays..... swimming almost every day.
Now I've got only one week left until my baby starts school and I'll probably spend that time in a bit of a mad panic trying to get school books covered and finding school shoes for Master M as that's the only piece of his school things we don't have yet.
xx Susan

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