Monday, January 7, 2013

A weekend away

I still can't seem to upload photos to blogger via the usual method but I found out, quite by accident, that I can upload photos from Picasa! I'm sure most of you knew that but it was a pleasant surprise for me to find this out.
That means I get to share our weekend away with you now and not have to wait until the problem gets fixed.
As I mentioned in a previous post, we went away to hubby's Aunty Rob's for the weekend. 
 We didn't take the camper trailer this time as one of the shockies needs fixing or something so we swarmed into the house for some noisy fun. 
Grandad was there for the weekend too as Aunty Rob is his little sister.  The kidlettes absolutely loved spending time with him as we don't see him as often as we used to these days.
Almost as soon as we arrive I grab my camera and go wandering about the place,

It was quite greenish over there this time and some of the trees were beautiful in full bloom.

The side garden was flourishing too.
We took Patch with us and he LOVED the freedom of being able to run.  So much space meant he was a happy dog.

The kidlettes loved being able to run around with him too and it wore them out so they slept well each night.

Getting to know Aunty Rob's 3 dogs ended up not being much of a problem.  There were a few nips but they got on fairly well with no fights or anything which was a relief.  Patch is a pretty calm, casual, easygoing dog.
 One big change since we were last there is the other house that's now in the yard.
The two houses will eventually be joined together to make one big rambling farmhouse.

The below view used to be of  a paddock and next time we go over those windows will be doors and there'll be another room in the middle there joining the two houses.

I'll post again in the next few days and let you know the real reason we headed over this time.  It wasn't all relaxing.  Well it wasn't for hubby anyway!

xx Susan

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