Thursday, 10 January 2013

A few extra crafty things

I can show you this picnic blanket now as Christmas is over.
It was a gift for my sister and brother-in-law and my first try at doing something this large.
It's got a check border with fabric depicting scrummy things in the middle.
It's not quilted as there's no wadding in the middle,  it is a picnic blanket after all.

Maybe I'll have a go at quilting in 2013!  I never thought it would be something I'd even contemplate but this year my sewing has really progressed.  I'm also thoroughly enjoying it so anything is possible I suppose.

I gave you a sneak preview the other day of a glitzy bag that I had made.

This is a birthday present for my Niece T who is heading into her early teens.  I wanted to make a bag for her and decided I wanted something a bit glitzy and sparkly that a nearly teenager might like.
All my other nieces and nephews are about the same age as Little Miss R and Master M so I can still use cute kids prints for them but that was not an option for this bag.
I had fun making it, especially as I sewed a zip for the first time in my life!  I nearly didn't make it because of the zip but decided I had to get over the family terror if I wanted to continue sewing.
I say family terror because my Mum ABSOLUTELY HATES PUTTING ZIPS IN, and does everything in her power to not sew anything with a zip. 
My sister and I therefore have grown up thinking that putting a zip in is something akin to walking through a room with 1000 poisonous snakes crawling all over the ground.
I did it though and even though it's not quite perfect, it was pretty bloody easy. (Mum evidently has a bag full of zips that she's now sending over to me.)
I can't show you my nephews messenger bag as I still can't upload photos.  I'll show you another day though but for now it's time to start on another project. 
Because of the heat we're experiencing I'm only doing crafty stuff early in the morning as it's the coolest time to be in my craft room.  It's about the only room that's not air conditioned and being in there later in the day in not an option really.
Hope you are able to stay cool wherever you are.
xx Susan

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