Friday, February 1, 2013


My baby has started school.
He was so happy to go and has had a wonderful week.  In fact he's been getting dressed two hours before it's time to leave and then asks me every 5 minutes whether it's time to go yet!
(Lets hope this keeps up for another 12 years but I'm not sure if I like my chances)

His big sister is taking on her role of responsibility and looking after her brother.  She's also been organising all the other little preppies of a morning when we get there as well.

I now have so much uninteruppted time to myself during the days and have so many PLANS!!!!!
Unfortunately all my plans for this first week have gone awry with no power at the start of the week and all the rain we had last weekend.  I've spent most of the week trying to get the house in order (not very successfully) and catching up on the washing. 
Just call me Dame Washalot from the Faraway Tree.
Having hubby home this week because he couldn't get back to work has been a slight problem too.  It's so lovely having him here for some extra time as I love having help with the kids but he does get in the way of my plans sometimes.  I'm sure you all understand!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
xx Susan 

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