Thursday, February 7, 2013

My January

The beginning of a fresh new year started off a bit slow for us.   I'm not big on resolutions (mainly because I rarely stick to them) and as school was out for basically the whole month, we sort of eased into the year.
Aunty Rob's
Yes we went to visit Aunty Rob again for a couple of days.  It's only a 3 hour drive to get there so it's a perfect getaway for a weekend and the kidlettes and the dog especially love being able to get out and RUN around the farm.

I continued to get into the sewing spirit with bags, clothes and other bits made.

...and the rest

Master M turned 5 early on in the month. 
My wedding and engagement rings got cut off my chubby little fingers (sniff, sniff)
Plenty of hot days and yummy salads.
Lots and lots of rain towards the end of the month resulting in flooding and hubby not being able to go to work for a week.
Then late in the month it's off to school for a new year.  Little Miss R is now a big grade 2 girl and Master M has started school in Prep. 

It was a pretty good month really.  Lets hope they all continue to be great this year.
xx Susan

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Sandy said...

This year has had an easy laid back slide to it. I find myself rather perplexed though that we are staring down the barrel of the second week of February. How did that happen? I think you've achieved quite a bit already this year.