Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It's been a very slow week here.
Lots of rain about has meant we haven't done much at all except potter around the house.
Usually I love those kind of days but as it was the second weekend in a row with hubby away at work, I didn't find it as enjoyable as usual.  I struggled with my cherubs but we won't go into that here. 
I've also been decluttering a little.
We have a HUGE tv cabinet with shelves on either side that have glass doors.  This means while watching tv you see the shelves on either side as well as the open ones above the tv.
I have two shelves full of my recipe books and both shelves were looking very much like this....

It was really beginning to drive me nuts so I've slowly been going through my books and getting a nice pile of ones I don't use.  If there was only a couple of recipes in a book that I would like to try then I photocopied the recipe and put the book in the pile.
I now have a small pile of photocopies that I can put into one little folder which takes up so much less room than the 14 books they came from!
So now my shelves look like this...

Much happier!
Unfortunately now the other side of the cabinet is now calling to me for the same treatment.
It's full of photo albums and travel books and maps so I'll be slowly going through this over the next day or so too.
While sorting through things I noticed another thing that really needs rectifying.
The top shelf has baby photos on it.  One of me as a baby and one of Little Miss R when she was one.

I have no baby photo of Master M up there.  Looks like that's something I'll have to change and as three photos won't fit, I'd say I'll be booting myself out of there.  I'd much rather look at my boy...
Wouldn't you!
xx Susan

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