Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another weekend without Daddy

I often find these the most difficult weekends to deal with and with the way hubby's shifts are set up at work, he's away all to often over the weekends.
Saturday was a bit of a rainy day which meant indoor pursuits.  The kidlettes got out the puzzles, games, movies etc and proceeded to make a complete mess of the house in a very short time.
For lunch we indulged in hot chips and gravy.  Much better than boring old sandwiches which I had intended but the rain and cooler day made me crave hot chippies.

I ended up starting another project which is what you do when you've got a heap of unfinished ones waiting patiently for you to get to. 
While I was walking Patch the other morning I decided that I needed a little bag that I could keep my phone and house keys in.  I wanted it to go across my body and not be too big so it wouldn't annoy me too much while walking.
I checked out my stash of fabric and ended up cutting up a pair of old and VERY WORN jeans I had.  This is the result....

I used one of the back pockets for an outside pocket so my phone can easily slip in there.  I also added a bit of ribbon trim because it looked a bit too plain otherwise.

I used some other spotty ribbon for the shoulder strap and continuing on with the red theme, I lined it in some red and white fabric too.  I'm sure you noticed that I've had another go at putting a zip in too!!

So now I have a cute little bag for when I walk the dog although I'm sure I'll use it other times as well.  That's only if I can get it off Little Miss R though as she keeps running off with it.

It wasn't a quick project either even though it has the potential to be.  With no hubby at home it was just me dealing with fighting kids (waking me up well before 6am), who then continued to fight throughout the day. 
So my sewing was interspersed with some refereeing, counselling, cuddling, story reading, more refereeing, losing the plot and of course the constant act of feeding two continually hungry children.

It's been fun most of the time though. 
Of course hubby is due home late tonight, just in time for the school week to start again.
I think he's away next weekend too so if the weather's good the kidlettes and I may have to go on a picnic.  We haven't been on one for awhile and we love them so much.
Hope you've all had a great weekend.
xx Susan

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