Monday, February 4, 2013

A lazy weekend

It has certainly been the laziest of weekends around here.
Nobody was in a mood to do anything much at all, even the kidlettes which was a bit of a miracle.
Being lazy doesn't mean being idle and as I didn't feel like doing any sewing, I got my crochet hooks out and started.
I knew I had a lot of cochet hooks but what I'm surprised about is the amount of knitting needles I've inherited over the past year.  I think it's a pretty good achievement for someone who doesn't really knit!

So my lazy weekend saw me make a lovely ribbed scarf.  It was so super easy that I was able to whip it up in quick time.  Unfortunately I only had two balls of this particular yarn so it's a bit shorter and not as wide as I would like. 

I also made a very pretty scarf in cream.

It's a lovely primrose stitch in such is so soft and beautiful.

..and considering we live in Queensland and you would only wear scarves and woolly things in Warwick or Stanthorpe, I continued with my hooky weekend by starting on a shawl.  As you do.

I'm really enjoying making this and right now I'm only about a quarter of the way through it.  I'll definately show you more when it's finished.
So the lovely lazy, hooky weekend is now over and it's back to school today.  Hubby is still home and I've been getting back on track after our interrupted week last week. 
Things are getting done around here I can tell you and once hubby goes back to work tomorrow a few more things will really get DONE. 
Hope you all have a great week.
xx Susan


Enchanted Moments said...

Those needles sure do look pretty there in a jar, even if they are not used!

Sandy said...

That primrose stitch is so so pretty, it's a shame it hasn't come up as beautifully in the photo. I'll have to get the pattern off you - or look in my books to see if I already have it! Quiet day here after the chaos of the weekend. Even had a deep restoring nap this afternoon.