Monday, January 27, 2014

The 'P' word

Procrastination to be precise.

It's almost school time again for another year which means covering school books.

I have a little problem with covering books and so have been putting off this years effort for at least a week.

You would think that I would try and cover just a few books a day and it would all be done with relatively little stress.

Unfortunately I've left it until two days before school to cover about 20 books.

What was I THINKING!!!!!

It's done though and even though nowhere near perfect as contact and I don't enjoy a very harmonious relationship, it'll get the kids through the year.  

They'll survive.

xx Susan


bones said...

I spent all day doing that too. 45 books between the 2 big girls. I did so bad with the contact this year one of the books has pleats not bubbles. Over it!

driftwood said...

oh that does NOT sound fun.....
I shall be forever thankful that we only ever seem to have to cover a french book, nothing else.