Friday, January 17, 2014


There was a lot of screaming and crying with Little Miss R yelling 'MY EYE!'.

I ran to find a very distressed girl covered in LOTS of blood.  (It's amazing how much a small cut on the head can pump out).

Not only was there lots of blood but two very big lumps that were starting to go black very quickly.  This was all in about one minute of the incident.

Ice packs, screaming kids (Master M ran under the house and I had to struggle to get him out), and a quick trip to the doctor later.... stitches, no broken nose, just a very battered looking little girl and a very quiet little boy.  

Oh I didn't tell you what happened.  He found a piece of metal chain (that we tie the dogs up with), swung it at his sister and connected with her face.

There's another good photo of her here at my sister's blog.  She arrived via the chemist with more painkillers and was able to send a picture onto Daddy who headed back to work this morning.  

xx Susan

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