Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A couple of firsts

It's the first day back at school for the year.

Little Miss R is looking a little traumatised but then school is not on HER list of favourite things to do.  The first day of Year 3 went pretty well though.  (If even half the year works out just as good then I'll consider it amazingly successful with this girl).

Master M was very excited about beginning Year 1.  Much posing in what he thought were appropriate stances so this is the best I'll get from him.

Thank goodness I did get at least one half way decent photo of them both.  Not classic but definately my two cherubs.

Then for the other first which occurred about 15 minutes after arriving home from school

Master M has lost his first tooth.

I've had a very tired and over-excited little boy just waiting for the tooth fairy tonight.  

It's reminded me as to just how the simplest things can cause so much pleasure, excitement and happiness.

Tooth fairy, you had better deliver tonight!

xx Susan

(I'll add for family members that there was a worrisome moment when Master M realised that there was some BLOOD where his tooth had been.  Thank goodness the tooth in his hand distracted him and that there were no TWEEZERS in sight.)

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