Friday, January 3, 2014

Making soup in summer

When you are a soup lover and can eat it all year round there's a few basic things to remember:

If you live in a tropical or sub-tropical climate (that means HUMIDITY on top of the heat), make sure your soups are vegetable based and if you want to add legumes, make sure they're red lentils that don't need soaking.

If you have some sort of brain fart and aren't thinking properly then be prepared for the beans you decide to soak overnight to ferment.  The nights have been warm  here (around 24-25 degrees celcius - 75.2 to 77   farenheight) and I think putting the soup mix in the fridge would have been a better idea.

Fermented legumes and beans do not smell very nice.  Master M is not letting me forget that the smell was DISGUSTING!

Luckily I have a few frozen containers of homemade soup to keep me going for a bit.  I just won't be soaking any beans for about 4 or 5 months until the weather cools down a bit and there's no chance of them fermenting.

Considering the days at the moment are around 40 celcius and BLOODY HUMID (45 in the shade on my sister's verandah today - 113F)  I'm thinking that sounds like the best plan.

I'm also very envious and enjoying the pictures of snowy Christmases out there in blogland.  A snowy Christmas is something I've only ever dreamed of and I've been dreaming of them A LOT over this last week!

Oh and the good old BOM site is showing storms coming this way right now.  Considering it's 8pm at night and still over 30 celsius (86F), a storm would be welcome but it looks like they'll be heading a little north of us and we'll be lucky if we get the bottom end of them.  Bugger!

xx Susan

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