Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Master M turns 6 with some cousin fun time

My brother turned up just after lunch on Monday with his two boys.  That meant we were in for an afternoon of noisy fun.

Nephew J decided he wanted to be locked up in the dog cage and began barking like a puppy.

Little Miss R was more than happy to keep him locked up!

Of course the real puppy just had to get some cuddles.

The two younger boys were happy with indoor activities.

No matter how old you are, the trampoline is always a winner.  

After a little pleading and batting eyelashes, both Nephews J and R asked if they could have a sleepover.  As hubby was home we were happy to oblige.  

Master M was pretty excited when he realised that his cousins were going to be here for breakfast on his birthday!

After an uneventful night with all 4 kids sleeping well, it was up early to open some presents.

Spiderman made an appearance.

Other presents were opened amid great excitement from the onlookers.

Captain Jack Sparrow put in an appearance!

LOTS of eggs were cracked making a triple batch of pancakes for breakfast...

..not to mention the birthday cake.  Chocolate of course.

As Little Miss R detests chocolate, a batch of vanilla cupcakes were made as well.

A special candle was added to a cupcake too so it wouldn't look so lonely sitting next to the birthday cake.

It was a  lovely day.

xx Susan

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