Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunday Night Dinner

I'm not one of those people that always has a roast for Sunday night dinner because it's tradition or they have the time. Beans on toast or toasted sandwiches because it's Mum's night off are not part of our regular menu either.

With a hubby who has worked away pretty well our whole married life, a regular night for one particular meal just doesn't happen.  Even if it's beans on toast!

Sometimes our full roast dinners happen midweek and sometimes our throw together dinners happen then too.  It all depends on hubby's schedule.

This Sunday though I found that I had 3 leftover, cold, lonely beef sausages just waiting for someone to want them and love them.

I needed to feed 3 people a satisfying meal with 3 sausages and I really didn't want to dish them up in bread with tomato sauce.

I then had this lightning bolt moment to cook Polenta which my whole family LOVE!  You can read about why I love polenta so much and my ultimate comfort meal  HERE .   

This time I cooked it the same with the stocks and the herbs, but I only mixed a small amount of grated cheese through it when it was cooked.  I then poured it into a baking paper lined slice tray and let it cool (shoving it in the freezer for awhile helps), so that it retains a solid shape. 

 I then cut it into triangular shapes and fried it on each side in a pan.  (Cooking spray was used in the hope that it would feel healthier even though I'd already cut out the butter and half of the cheese.)

I then chopped up the 3 leftover sausages and tossed them around the pan until they were cooked through and crispy before cooking up a nice fat lot of buttery mushrooms.

Both my kids absolutley LOVED this thrown together Sunday night meal.  Master M demolishing the polenta and most of the sausages while Little Miss R went for the polenta and the mushrooms.

Little Miss R wanted seconds so we had our first cooking lesson together.  She was so excited to know that she cooked the polenta and mushrooms by herself (with only a slight help from Mum).

Unfortunately, and even though I was supervising, she burnt her little finger on the frypan while she was trying to dish up her meal.  There's hardly a mark and I think it was more a split second reaction than anything but I have been informed that Mum has to continue to cook and Little Miss R will do the supervising from now on!!  

Be prepared for the sparks to fly as we try to work on that!!!!

xx Susan

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