Friday, June 29, 2012

A week almost over already.

It was a lovely sunny day today which meant we actually got the chance to head outside for a play.    Unfortunately my view of the backyard was obstructed by hubby's toys which didn't get put away before he headed back up to work the other day.

The view didn't stop me from a little al fresco hooking.

Master M scooted up, down and around the driveway.  Little Miss R was still feeling a bit under the weather so was laying on the lounge but perked up a bit later in the afternoon to come out for a play.

There was also some construction going on.  Our house is on stumps so the kids can go under and dig to their hearts content.  Master M definately takes after Daddy as you can see at the very, very top of the picture, way under the house is a digger and dump truck.  The truck was filled many times, then reversed out from under the house with the proper safety beeping noise, then dumped in a pile next to the driveway. 

I'll let hubby sort out the pile when he gets home.

I had to show you this next photo.  Last night I told the kids it was time to clean teeth.  I then continued with the washing up or whatever else I was doing.  After about 5 minutes I realised they weren't in the bathroom so went in search of them.....

I then realised that I did say that it was time to clean teeth and not to clean THEIR teeth.  They had a makeshift dentists chair set up and Bear was getting his teeth cleaned beautifully! 

(Little Miss R was using her brother's toothbrush too, she didn't want germs on hers!)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

xx Susan

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bones said...

Oh I love the dentist chair. How inventive your babies are :)