Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gingerbread men

Little Miss R had a school excursion to the Ginger Factory today.

It was a huge success I must say as I've got more than 3 sentences from her about school.  Most of the time I get a 'GOOD', 'BAD',  or many times it's just a thumbs up or thumbs down and no words at all. (Definately takes after her father there!)

For a girl that can't be quiet half the time, it really is like pulling teeth to get any information out of her about school.

Tomorrow is the last day of school for the term and her teacher sent out an SOS for parents to make some gingerbread men so the kids could decorate on the last day of school.

I answered the call of course and I had a little helper too.

I seem to be the only mother to answer the call to baking things or making things for the kids.  I'm fine with that because I don't volunteer to do reading with the kids or go on school excursions.

Some mother's love to do those things but I start to feel a panic attack coming on even thinking about dealing with so many other kids.

Things are changing a bit there and I may tell you about that in future but right now I'm not quite up to expressing it all.  Let's just say it has to do with Little Miss R and her beautiful but extremely 'full on' personality and after a number of school interviews and peadiatrician visits, things are finally starting to change.

That's another post though (maybe).. for now it's back to the gingerbread men.

I made plenty for her whole class so that they could decorate on the last day of school.

The first batch that went into the oven were overcooked a bit so these were reserved for family only.  Master M decorated one for morning tea.  His was a bit of a dancer as that's all it really wanted to do.  Eventually it did get eaten.

After school the few extra burnt (whoops......'family' ones) were decorated and eaten with much enjoyment.

(I'm quite amazed that they don't look anywhere near as  burnt in the photos as they really are.)

They are very yummy and I just hope all the kids in Little Miss R's class have fun decorating their little gingerbread man tomorrow.

xx Susan

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bones said...

The gingerbread men look great Susie. I'm sure the class had a ball decorating them all :)