Monday, June 18, 2012

Soothing Sunday's

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous.  The weather has been pretty fabulous lately, especially for winter with day time temperatures around 23-24 celcius. 

The kids are able to get out and have a good play in the backyard.  Lovely hubby was home so we had just a lovely family day at home.

I baked some biscuits and cakes.  I've wanted to try my Gluten-free recipe because I've promised to make some for the Year 1 cake stall at the school fete in August.

They are so light and fluffy and absolutely delicious, especially with a mid-morning coffee.

I also managed to squeeze in a little hooky time.  I'm onto the border now.

Then I finished the day making risotto.  I LOVE making risotto but only ever do it when hubby's home as I get interrupted by the kids constantly otherwise.

I really love the mindless stirring that goes with making a true risotto and find it so relaxing.  Then again, perhaps that was the couple of glasses of wine I had while making it that relaxed me!

Smoked salmon risotto with baby spinach.  Delicious!

Hope you have all had a fantastic weekend.

xx Susan

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