Sunday, January 5, 2014

Keeping cool

Queensland summers are usually really hot and humid. (Well they're humid if you live in the coastal areas like we do)

It's what we're used to but this last few days has been pretty ridiculous, especially when it's still 43 celcius and really humid at 6pm.  

The best way to keep cool has been in Aunty Sandy's pool of course.

The air conditioners have also been working overtime and even then we've still been hot and sweaty inside the house.  The easiest way to cool down is to go outside for 5 minutes then when you walk back indoors you realise that the air conditioners are indeed working!

The poor dogs are not enjoying it but we are lucky in that our house is on stumps.  This means that the puppies get to lay in the shade in the 'relative' cool all day.  May even had a bath to cool her down but I don't think she enjoyed it that much!

Little Miss R and I headed to the shops one morning for a couple of hours.  With 4 relatives (including Master M) having birthdays in the first 9 days of January we needed to purchase a few gifts.

To prolong the moment we had to head back out into the heat we stopped for a coffee, milkshake and of course a piece of carrot cake to share.

I hope you are all finding nice ways to endure the heat.  I'm dreaming of living in Tasmania myself but hubby's not interested in that at all as he's preferring Darwin!

Looks like we'll be here for a lot longer yet until a compromise is made!

xx Susan

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