Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Tree Day 2019

My sister began Tree Day many years ago when my kids and my nephews were tiny.  It usually occurs during the first weekend of December and basically involves the kids decorating her Christmas tree and house.

It's not entirely that basic though as each of the children receive their first gift of the holiday season which is a special Christmas decoration from my sister.

Once they get their new ornament then they get to go through their own box of previous years ornaments and decorate the tree.

As the kids grow older (and taller), the decorations now seem to make it further up the tree.  In the beginning they were all clustered around the bottom but now, thanks to nephew J who is proudly taller than both his Aunties, (which is not difficult as we're both short!), the upper boughs can be reached.

It's lovely to see favourite decorations being found and remembered from previous years.  There are plenty from my sister's travels like the Beefeater from England, the piper from Scotland and the gold dipped maple leaf from Canada.

All decorations are dated with the children's names and year they were given as well.

Sophie enjoys watching the festivities these days as she is starting to slow down a bit.  This is her first Christmas without her beloved friend Jess who we lost a few months ago and I've also just realised that this is the kids first Tree Day without Jess who was there from the beginning.

I also have no more photos of this special day because in the heat wave that we're having at the moment and the 38 degree celcius (around 100 Fahrenheit)  day we were experiencing, I am sick.

What a time to develop a cold and a nasty chesty cough for a person who is rarely sick!  It hasn't been fun at all.

So instead of being out in the action and enjoying the afternoon, I was banished to a room far away where I could sneeze, cough, hack and blow my nose in my own little quarantined space.

We also decorated our own house a little.

The tree and a couple of things are up but the rest will have to wait a few more days until I feel a bit more festive and am able to decorate with a bit more enthusiasm.

Somehow though, I have finished my granny square blanket made out of stash yarn.  I will show you that in the coming days when my energy levels rise a little higher and I catch up on the back log of things that didn't get done while I was out of action.

Enjoy the rest of your week my friends.

xx Susan


Billie Jo said...

Hello Susan.
I love your traditions!
We have some similar, and look forward to them every year.
I am so sorry about your cold!
Would you believe we are having the same exact issue in our house???
Cold and cough and just ugh!
Hope we are all on the mend soon!
Your tree is beautiful too!

Teresa Kasner said...

I love that tradition of getting the kids their own ornament each year and having their own box of their collection and letting them put their own up! I wish I'd have thought of that. I've been sick too. I hope we both get over our illnesses.

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Jane said...

Sending hugs that you feel better soon. Since my bout of flu back in January I feel really stressed and anxious when someone gets a cold now :( I'm looking forward to seeing you blanket. Take care, Jane x

Tammy said...

Hope you're started to feel better. My husband had a cold and a cough in October for several weeks. I thought he'd never get rid of it. The tree trimming day and annual ornament gifting is a very nice tradition for the kids. Happy holidays!