Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend happenings...

Hubby was home for a FULL weekend so we decided that we would do something nice for just the both of us.
It did begin with a bit of a bang though as lovely hubby finally cut the 44 gallon drum in half that he's been meaning to do for A VERY LONG TIME to make me a fire pit in the back yard. 
It would seem that there was still a bit of oil in the drum so it ended up being quite spectacular for a bit... just make sure you stand well back!
Excuse the random pictures but lately I only seem to remember to take photos half the time, and usually not the half I really want to photograph.
Dinner consisted of homemade potato rosti's as a side even though they took me much longer to make than the rest of the meal.  They were also snapped up in less than half the time that it took me to make them so I decided to blog about them here in an effort to remind me that they are a hit and to make them more often!!

The best part of the weekend was that the kidlettes had sleepovers with other family members.  That meant that lovely hubby and I actually had a Saturday night to OURSELVES.  This is more rare than you would imagine.
We decided to actually go out and have a 'date' so we went to the movies and had dinner at a restaurant.  Then we worked out that it had been nearly 5 YEARS since we've gone out like this which shocked the $#*! out of us I can tell you. 
 We've had last minute nights to ourselves but most of the time when both kids have sleepovers at the same time it's usually when hubby's at work and my family take pity on me and give me a bit of respite from sort-of-single-motherhood.
The sad thing is that apart from the movie and dinner, we were at a bit of a loss as to what to do with our time.  I ended up doing some more crochet of course (excuse the blurry photo but they all seem so clear if I take them on my iphone.  It's only when I upload them that the blurriness becomes apparent.  I'm starting to think that my next eye test may be due soon...)  Then again maybe I just need to make sure my little Canon point and shoot is charged and near me at all times like it always used to be. 
 Ah Me... the things we let slide when we get busy or lazy. 
We were also given LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of bags of clothes from hubby's cousin and his wife.  I've spent a lot of time sorting through that and the upside is that we won't have to buy any clothes other than underwear for the kids for the next few years.  Thank you SO MUCH Meg and Ben.  What an amazing and wonderful gift this is that you have given us.

The kidlettes had wonderful times at their respective sleepovers too.  Master M stayed with his 'best mate' (my Uncle) and the two seemed to have had a great boys weekend.
Little Miss R had a pretty wonderful time at her Nan and Pop's it would seem too where she got to have some special one on one time with some people she loves dearly.
She also got to have a good feed of lamb's brains with her Nan which pleased both of them no end.  My Mum LOVES her lamb's brains and not one of her offspring will eat them.  I mean honestly... yuuuuk!
My daughter absolutely loves them though so it's something special that she shares with her Nan sometimes when she has a sleepover.  I'll have to ask her what Pop eats though as I know my Dad doesn't like brains.  I've never heard him going to bed hungry though so I'm sure they do something else just for him. 

Once they were home it was lots of building, playing and enjoying our new fire...this time without the inferno!
xx Susan

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