Monday, May 18, 2015

Keeping the hands warm

We've had a few cool nights here lately so Master M requested some mittens to keep his hands warm.
He was very specific in that he wanted them to be blue and red striped too and he even went searching in my stash to get the colours he wanted.
I searched the internet and my books for fingerless mitten patterns but I couldn't find one that I was happy with so I ended up making a pattern up that was easy to adjust so I could make different sizes.

Master M is VERY happy with them and now comes out of a morning with them on.

I'm pretty chuffed with them too and they're a great stash buster.  Little Miss R wants a rainbow striped pair so it was back to the stash again and I've adjusted the pattern to fit her slightly bigger hands.

I think these ones will look great when they're finished.
Oh and because they're a stash buster they're made out of a mix of wool, acrylic, bamboo and cotton.  My kids can't tell the difference and they love them so I'm not worried if the materials don't all match.
xx Susan

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