Thursday, May 21, 2015


Wednesday was my birthday and with hubby away (as usual), my girl decided that she was going to spoil me and do something special.
She made me breakfast in bed and was up at 6.15am to do it which is pretty amazing on a school morning as I'm usually struggling to get her out of bed at 7.30am!
I could hear her pottering around in the kitchen and then in she came with chopped up banana and toast.
I was pleasantly surprised and it was delicious!!
When I went to go for my walk I noticed that Master M had written a note in chalk on the road.  It was so sweet...
(I did find out later that his was the scribble underneath and his sister wrote the message out properly for him.)

The rest of my day was pretty quiet.  I went out for lunch with my parents and my Uncle which was lovely.
I then spent time doing some crochet and playing with the kids after school.  
The electricians also came back to hook up our new solar panels so the power was off for a couple of hours but it's all working now and we have sun power! 
Hope you are all having a lovely week.
xx Susan

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