Thursday, May 7, 2015

I LOVE my bread maker

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE my bread maker?
Probably not although I don't often go back through previous posts when I'm doing up a new one so it's quite possible I have.
A couple of months after my 40th birthday last year (yeesh!) I decided to buy myself a present that I had wanted for YEARS.  As I still hadn't received a gift from hubby or the kids for the BIG day and being the practical sort, I decided that I'd just go and buy something I wanted and wish myself happy birthday as I was measuring out the first lot of ingredients.

Nearly a year later and we still really enjoy fresh homemade bread.  I ususally make just a basic white loaf which makes the best toast on earth or a really yummy fruit loaf which Little Miss R and I really, really love. 
On the odd occasion I'll do something different and add a little cheese and bacon to the mix if we're having soup for dinner but mostly it's just the basics.
(Little Miss R loves fruit loaf and has not eaten any store bought version since I started making it.  I wouldn't either as the homemade stuff is so much better and freezes really well too.)

Homemade toasted bread with Nana's pretty awesome homemade Rosella jam makes a great breakfast or snack too!!  Honestly the toast is amazing.  I've turned into a bread snob and won't even have toast if I've only got shop bought sliced bread.  It's pretty dense so even though it's great fresh or toasted, I find it a bit too cloggy for sandwiches.  
Sometimes I put a loaf on and set the timer so we have fresh bread for breakfast which fills the hungry hoards up.  The kidlettes LOVE it with an egg.  Sometimes I make it so we have a fresh loaf for afternoon tea once school is finished.  That certainly fills the kids up and stops them looking in the pantry for the next couple of hours.
Other times it's a fresh loaf to have with a soup or stew for dinner.  Honestly it's one of the best things I've EVER bought and it stays on our really limited bench space because I know it's one thing that does get used quite a bit.
Homemade fresh bread.  Not much else beats it and I admit I did used to be happy making it and kneading it by hand, but it's so much easier using the breadmaker.  (...and I do make it so much more often now.)
Oh and I've found a recipe for a lemon and poppyseed loaf so I think I might have to try that!  Yum!
xx Susan

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