Saturday, May 30, 2015

Show holiday

Friday was the Maleny Show holiday in our area and miracle of miracles....IT DIDN'T RAIN!
My sister contacted me the day before and asked if I'd like to go on a picnic with her and my nephews.  It sounded like a great plan so early Friday morning I packed up a picnic and headed around to my Mum's to meet up with the others.
Kids swapped cars so I had Little Miss R and Nephew J as well as my Mum with me on the trip over.  We had decided to head to Charlie Moorlands for the day as it's got a great creek, a bushwalk and plenty of space to run and play.
We headed out to Kenilworth via the Eumundi turnoff which is the longer way but Little Miss R gets REALLY car sick everytime we go down the Conondale range.  She's fine going the other way so we had a lovely and slightly noisy drive playing plenty of Eye Spy.  (I'm not quite sure about some of the things that were 'spied' though).

Unfortunately when we got to Charlie Moorlands it was to find most of the place fenced off and some heavy machinery in residence.
The whole day use area was closed and most of the campground too because they're putting in new amenities and making other changes to the place.
So we changed plans and headed the 5 kilometres back out to the main road to the Little Yabba Creek picnic area.

The other lovley thing that happened is that when my sister arrived she had an extra passenger.  She said she had a job to do before she met us and that 'job' was picking up our friend Jodi (see previous post about knit and natter).  It was a wonderful surprise and I know she really enjoyed her day too.

A LOT of fun was had throwing rocks into the water.  There was plenty of exploring the creek area and of course the kids just happened to get a bit wet.  As we know them well we did take a change of clothes but they dried out over lunch as it turned out to be a pretty warm day. 
I had heard a rumour that Winter is only supposed to be a week away but I'm not sure if the weather gods have heard that yet.

Now apart from a lovely creek with lots of rocks that the kids are literally happy to throw for hours, Little Yabba also has a short bush walk.
It's just over 1 km long and has a bitumen or boardwalk track the whole way so it's wheelchair and pram friendly.

A couple of the kids were interested in the signs posted along the way and wanted to know information about the rainforest and a couple were just hell bent on making noise and running off so I suppose you could say that it was a typical walk with kids.

They dubbed the above fig tree the "Faraway Tree" mainly because of the size of it and it's huge root system.
Then there was the obligatory pose......

....before heading back across the bridge to where we had our picnic.

Then it was time to pack up and head home.  We swapped kids and it would seem my Mum and I had the quieter trip as we had Master M and Nephew R.  Those boys soon fell asleep after their big day and didn't wake up until we arrived home.
It would seem that Little Miss R and Nephew J did not sleep and that car trip was a little noisy.  :)
All in all it was a lovely day and hopefully something to be repeated in the school holidays coming up in another month.
xx Susan

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