Thursday, June 28, 2012

I don't think I've shown you.... finished baby blanket.

The basic shell pattern in one colour is really pretty.  As I've said once before, sometimes the simplest patterns can be the prettiest.

I changed colour for the border and used white which has really set the blanket off.

The border did cause me a bit of a problem as I ended up trying out about 5 different designs.  I could never seem to settle on one of them because they didn't look right so I kept pulling them out and starting again.


Funnily enough, the border that looked the best was the same shell pattern.  I was originally only going to do two rows of the shell pattern but it didn't look right so I did another round and the 3 rows has finished it off perfectly.

Hope you enjoy!

xx Susan

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bones said...

looks beautiful Susie. Great job.