Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 2017.  If you saw the New Year in then I hope you had a wonderful evening.
We went to hubby's cousin's place for a barbeque which was a really lovely night.  (Thanks B and M!)
It had also been another really hot day so the kidlettes were happy to jump straight in the pool as soon as we arrived.
I lamented my lack of togs as the pool looked so inviting.  At least I had a nice shady spot to sit in and watch the fun.



As the evening progressed all the little ones started to get pretty tired and dropped off to sleep one by one so the sparklers and glow sticks came out early for their celebration.

Master M stayed up for his first New Years which he was pretty chuffed about.  I think the fact that he was hanging out with Teen J playing on the PlayStation had a lot to do with it!


The first day of January was pretty hot again so it was a day of lazing about with the air conditioners on and dozing a bit to catch up on lost sleep.
There was a water fight to cool things down of course.  The kidlettes ganging up against their dad and having a very loud happy time.


Lets hope 2017 has many wonderful things in store.
xx Susan

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