Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Master M is 9 already!

...and it happended over a week ago.  I can't believe how these school holidays seem to be flying past.

My boy now has only one year left in single digits.  Oh time, please slow down a little so I can treasure and cherish these days. 
 I know that every stage in their lives brings something different to love but knowing that one of my children still has one digit to their age makes me still feel like I'm Mummy and not just Mum. 
I had a little twinge the other day when I realised that I had written just that,  Mum and not Mummy in Master M's birthday card.  I mourned that a little (just privately as I didn't want anyone to think I was too ridiculous).
But time (and the day) moves on and I'm happy to say that Master M had a wonderful day.
The poor mite usually misses out on birthday parties with school friends because he's born in early January when everyone's in the middle of their summer holidays and are often away.  I know he gets upset about it sometimes which certainly pulls on the heart strings.
This birthday I decided to do something a little out of the ordinary for us.  We're usually a picnic loving family so for me to take them to an indoor play area was nearly like taking them to space. 
The cousins came along for the fun too and getting these two great mates to take a serious photo was nearly impossible...

...I tried. I really did.

I took them to The Big Boing which is basically an indoor trampoline place.  I had never heard of it but then it's not somewhere that I would usually go or take the kids so I somehow seem to filter all of that information out.
We found out about it by word of mouth and since then I've been surprised at the amount of people that know about it.  I'm beginning to think that I often live on another planet!

There's plenty of things for the kids to play on in their hour long session.  Trampolines are the main thing though which is why the place is called The Big Boing.
The kids loved bouncing from once side to the other then bouncing off the wall trampolines and then bouncing back to the other side.  The energy!!

There was a big pillow thing that they could bounce onto and a basket ball section where they could practice their slam dunking.  The even had an area to play dodge ball which seemed to be a great deal of fun.

The blur below is Little Miss R bouncing off one of the side trampolines.

There was even a mini game of soccer which didn't really last long because all they really wanted to do was bounce.

One hour and four hot, knackered and happy kids later, we headed off to lunch.  Master M's choice so it was McDonalds of course.

It was a pretty quiet trip home with Master M falling asleep in the car then putting himself to bed as soon as we got home.
We had to wake him up when some guests arrived so he could have his cake.

The VERY rich chocolate cake made by Little Miss R for her brother.  It sunk a bit in the middle and there were a couple of issues while making it but she did a great job.  I had to help with melting the chocolate as it's in not only the icing but the cake too (I told you it was rich).
So Happy 9th Birthday Master M.  I hope you had a wonderful day and have fun riding your new bike.
xx Mummy  :)

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