Monday, 30 January 2017

Back to the crochet soon I hope

Until then it's been a mad whirl around here during the last few weeks of the school holidays then back to school.  I haven't even been taking that many photos even though we seem to have been doing plenty.

So I'll quickly let you know just a smidgeon of what we've been up to.

First of all, there is this.....
 We bought it in mid January from a friend who hardly ever used it so it's in really good condition.  Hubby's been out a couple of times and has taken the kids as well but we decided that the engine needed a service before we used it anymore.  That is happening as I write so we may even go fishing after school today.
There have also been plenty more zoo trips and why not.  It's an amazing place, the kids love it, we have the passes and it keeps us entertained for a couple of hours at a time.

 Little Miss R has been really enjoying cooking and baking more.

That has slowed down a bit now that school has started and also since our lounge room air conditioner died late last week.  Believe me when it's in the 30 celcius and really humid, no air conditioning in our lounge room is not pleasant.  It's a room that faces full west and pretty well doesn't get air. 
 Unfortunately it's not getting looked at for another week and we've got some mid 30 celcius days coming up.  Eeek!  Luckily the bedrooms have air conditioning.
Master M got a new bike for his birthday so we've been tearing up the tarmac on that.
There have also been outings and picnics which have involved plenty of driving (always lots of driving when hubby takes us on picnics).  In fact we did nearly 500 kilometres on Saturday when we went on a jaunt.
Somehow our picnics and outings nearly always involve creeks and rock throwing.  This one is Emu Creek near the town of Blackbutt and is really low right now.  Boy do we need some good rain.

And of course school has started.  I thought things would slow down a bit once the kids went back but that hasn't happened as yet.  Last week I was trying to catch up on things that I didn't get the chance to do on the holidays.

 So hopefully I'll get the chance to do some crochet and finish Master M's blanket.  I'm over two thirds of the way there, I just need to find some time to actually sit down for a time and get it done.  Perhaps I'll hide away in my air conditioned bedroom later in the week when it's hot and I won't want to be anywhere near my oven of a lounge room. 
That sounds like a plan!
xx Susan

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