Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The kitchen has actually been finished for a couple of weeks now so excuse my tardiness in not showing you earlier.

Not much has been going to the 'normal' routine around here as I had sick kids (yes, plural but not at the same time thank goodness).  Now hubby has caught whatever it was the kids had and is laid up in bed on his days off.  I really hope it bypasses me as he goes back to work in a couple of days and there's no way I'd ever be able to sleep and recover with the kids around.

Anyway...I'll just give you the before and after photos of my new kitchen which I just love, Love, LOVE so much.



I'm still slowly going through boxes of things in the shed and working out where I want to put everything as well as what I want to get rid of.  Honestly, the amount of stuff I had was just ridiculous and some of it hadn't been used in more than 5 years so it's now gone!

The only thing left to do in the kitchen now is a new blind for the window but that will have to wait awhile as we went a little over budget with the rest of it.

I love it!!

xx Susan

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