Tuesday, August 4, 2015


My cousin's twin girls have just turned one!

We left early Saturday morning to head over to their place near Toowoomba (about a 2 hour drive) to help them celebrate.

Unfortunately Master M was sick again and couldn't come.  He was VERY UPSET as he had really been looking forward to the party.  He was just too miserable to go though  so ended up staying home with Daddy who has also been quite sick and couldn't go back to work this week.

So we left the boys at home and had every intention of enjoying our day.

Little Miss R had a lovely time getting her face painted, meeting new friends...

...having cuddles of the birthday girls...

...and spending most of her time with the horses.

I caught up with family and friends and had a lovely day myself.

Cake time was hilarious.  Those girls made such a mess eating their birthday cake and they certainly ENJOYED it!

It was very sweet afterwards when they sat there holding hands too.

They are the cutest little girls.

Happy First Birthday A and Z!

x Susan

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