Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Home away from home

We are staying at my parents house at the moment as our floor is being sanded and polished. 

I thought we would be back in our own house by Thursday but it seems that it won't be until Friday now. 

I'm trying not to let it get to me as at this stage of the renovations I just want everything done so I can get on with my life again. The wait will be worth it though as it will look pretty amazing when it's finished.

Patience Susan.

My brother and his boys are staying here too so it's been pretty noisy with 3 adults and 4 very excited kids in the house. I even cooked dinner and washed up with ear plugs in the other night!

There have been a few quieter moments for me too though. 

I'm taking the opportunity to try a few new crochet stitches while I have extra adults around to help keep an eye on the kids. 

The extra help is certainly a luxury that I'm enjoying so I'm making the most of these few days and treating them a bit like a holiday. 

I'll show you the floor when they're finished and we're back in the house. 

xx Susan

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