Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Beach outings

It's now officially Autumn here although it is still pretty hot and muggy.  Autumn means the end of summer so we decided to get a few more beach outings in with the kids while hubby was home on the weekend.  The previous weekends plans went out the window with all the flooding we had around here so we jumped at the chance to get out and about.
On Saturday we went up to the Maroochy River to throw some lines in.  The kids had been harassing their father to take them fishing for weeks but with cyclones and flooding, it wasn't possible.
The trip wasn't a great success.
After having his rod in the water for about 1 minute, Master M kept asking why he hadn't caught a fish yet.  After about 15 minutes of repeatedly pulling the line in, nearly hooking himself in the face, then complaining that he was soooo hungry, Master M declared that fishing wasn't as fun as he thought it would be.
Little Miss R wasn't much better except all she wanted to do was go swimming and not fish.  Daddy didn't cope with all of this very well although it was to be expected.  He decided to go fishing by himself that night so in next to no time we were packed up and on our way.
Late Sunday afternoon we headed the other direction and went to Toorbul which is on Pumicestone Passage and looks across to Bribie Island.

The tide was still out a bit so the kids got to kick a ball around the mudflats, paddle in the water and dig in the mud of course.

Even Patch got to come for a drive and a play this time which made him happy.  He's not in the good books with me right now as he keeps running away so I have to keep him chained up because I really don't feel like driving the streets all day looking for him.

It ended up being quite a lovely weekend with a good mixture of everything to make us all pretty happy.
xx Susan

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