Monday, January 5, 2015

Homemade Ice-Cream

Look away Master Chef's. This is certainly one of the easiest ice-creams you will ever make but I'm sure true foodies would shudder at it.

We love it though and the kids REALLY love it so it gets my tick of approval.

The basic ice-cream is made up of 600ml cream & one tin of condensed milk. I like to chill the condensed milk first but it's not necessary. You can also use "light" cream and condensed milk as they work well too.

Pour into a mix master or whatever you call it and beat until thick. 

Then add whatever flavours you wish. 

You can blend or puree any fresh fruit you like. Mango is always a favourite or mixed berries etc. 

This time I mixed in some vanilla & rainbow sprinkles and in the past I've used Bailey's with chocolate chips. 

The flavours are limited to your imagination.

You then pour it into whatever mould you like. I've used an old ice-cream container as well as shaped muffin moulds. 

This time I used dinosaur and butterfly/ladybug moulds.

Cover with Glad Wrap and freeze for 24 hours. (No need to take out & mix periodically).

It's then ready to eat!

The dinosaurs did lose their heads a bit when turned out but they still tasted great.

Very easy and delicious. 

We have a few mangoes here so  I think I'll blitz some of that up soon.

xx Susan 

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