Monday, March 30, 2015

Beach camping

We are fortunate enough to live about an hour's drive south of Noosa.  Not that we go into Noosa because it's a bit overated and we don't like it, but it is the gateway to the Noosa North Shore and Double Island Point.
I used to go camping up there a bit with my family and some good friends (hello Kylie :) ).  Hubby had only been up there once when he wasn't even old enough to go to school and my kids hadn't been up there at all.  Time to change that.
The first exciting thing for the kids was going across the Noosa River on the ferry. 

Then it was out onto the beach for the first time.  There were a few squeals in the back when we first got onto the beach and then pretty well all the way up the beach as they watched some of the bigger waves crash down.
Hubby and I were more interested in the really dark clouds we were driving towards because the camping area is further up the beach...right where the clouds are.

We did get some heavy rain, especially during the morning so we had to set up our camp in stages.  The first thing to go up was the tarp as soon as we got there so we could at least get dry before the next shower came through.
As we only went up for one night we just took the tent and made a basic camp.  We are intending to go back up for a bit longer over the Easter School holidays and we'll definately take the camper trailer then.

(Yes the tarp is on an angle.  We did that purposely so the rain could run off into a bucket and wouldn't settle on top of the tarp).
The kidlettes really loved swimming in the surf and using the body boards.  There was plenty of playing in the sand, kicking a soccer ball and playing tennis too but it was mainly swimming. 
Hubby fished of course and I was left to my own devises which meant doing some crochet, going for a nice, long walk along the beach and feeding the hungry hoards.  Kids are always hungry no matter if you're at home or camping so that doesn't change.

After a lovely night where the sound of the waves sent you to sleep, it was up early to watch the sunrise and another spot of fishing.

This time of morning is absolutely beautiful up the beach and it made me realise just how lucky we are to be able to experience something like this.

It truly is wonderful to be able to walk out of your tent and go for an early morning wander along the beach.

At least there was no rain when we were packing up the camp so that made things a bit easier.
We headed home via Rainbow Beach this time which is definately the long way home but as hubby hadn't driven up there before we decided to do the loop to see which way he liked going best.
The kids were disappointed that we didn't take the ferry again but we'll be back up there in a couple of weeks for a bit of a longer stay so they'll get their ferry ride then.
I'm certainly looking forward to having 5 days or so break with my family then too. 
Watching the waves crash on the water at night around the campfire after the kids have gone to bed is probably one of the best ways I find to relax.
xx Susan
P.S.  This is for Kylie:  I realised that the last time I went camping at D.I was when we went up in your old Hilux when we were working together.  That was about 13 years ago!  I was well past due for another trip I think.


bones said...

We've been talking about taking the girls camping at DI. Those are my absolute best memories as a kid. I don't know how we all fit in the old land rover with 2 families worth of gear. Glad you're heading back again soon. Enjoy and think of me while you're kicking back infront of the fire listening to the waves xx

driftwood said...

wow, that looks like the most amazing place to camp!