Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hubby is bored.....

One day last week hubby decided he was hot and bored.
We do have quite a hot house, especially the lounge room which faces full west and hubby decided he had a solution.
Rip the carpet up!
Now I can't really complain too much because I've wanted the carpet in the kitchen/dining room gone ever since we moved in nearly 10 years ago (yes we had carpet in the kitchen...ridiculous).
The carpet came up easily except we found a layer of old lino underneath.

Then another layer of lino underneath that one!

He also got half the carpet in the lounge room pulled up too and then remembered that he was going back to work the next day so he'd better fix up what he had done so far to make it safer for the kids and I over the next week (remove nails and staples etc).

The house already feels completely different with the little bit that's been done so far and I'm excited about finally getting my polished floors.  It seems to be the original hardwood floor so hopefully it will end up looking really nice.
Wish me luck getting him to finish it within the next 5 years!
xx Susan

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bones said...

Wow your floorboards will come up lovely. We had some interesting 70's style floor coverings under our old carpet. Truth be told they probably weren't any worse than the Lino in the rest of our house. I wish we'd have polished our timber floor. I'll just have to live vicariously through you instead x