Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tree Day 2013

Tree day came a couple of weeks later than usual this year.

It's a tradition that my sister began when she first became an Aunty.  As she and her husband are sadly unable to have children, she wanted to still be a part of the lives of the other children she is around.  

I'll also add that she is a HUGE part of all of their lives and is an extremely much loved Aunty to them all.

How could she not be?  She is wonderful, quirky, funny, arty, strict but loveable and has a swimming pool!  Thank goodness they only have two dogs and not a million cats or that would be too much of a cliche.

Due to the circumstances that have dominated our lives for the past 6 months or more, Tree day was delayed a bit and didn't happen until the 17th of December this year.  The delay certainly didn't curb the excitement for the children.

There's the anticipation of receiving their first present of the year.....

.....which is always another special tree decoration that Aunty Sandy has chosen especially for them.

Their new decorations are then hung proudly on the tree and as the kids grow up, so does the spot on the tree the decoration gets placed.  Honestly, how can they be getting this tall already!

If you are still lacking in a little height then a ladder can always be climbed.

Past years special decorations are then unwrapped and exclaimed over as the kids are beginning to remember previous years more.

Dad's were present at the time (my brother sitting and husband laying), although I can't say they were as enthusiastic as the kids.

The dogs have been through this every year too and are finding the excitement a little too much this year.

In the end after an EXTREME amount of noise, the tree was finally decorated, the star put on top and the lights turned on.

The kids then ran around and decorated the rest of my sister's house with tinsel in nearly any place they can find.  I'm relieved to say that the toilet missed out this year and has remained tinsel free.

It's lovely looking at the tree and seeing decoration from Christmases past.... well as the new special ones which will be packed away in a few weeks but brought out in years to come.

Then it's time for lunch and a movie to try and calm the excited kids.  Try is the operative word here.

It's days like this that can make you realise just how quickly your children grow. Birthdays certainly bring you up to date with their growth but I find that something like Tree day can be really special and unique.  It doesn't matter how much the kids grow, this day has become a part of their lives and they get so excited about it.  More so as they grow older because they can remember earlier years and are beginning to realise just how special a tradition can be.  

It's lovely and thank you so much to Aunty Sandy for making this such a special memory for our kids.  

You are our favourite Aunty Mummy!

I can't believe that in all the years I've been blogging that I only first wrote about this last year.

Oh well, I have the photos from all the other years to look upon and one day try to arrange in some sort of order.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe Christmas.

xx Susan

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