Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back in September - Boondooma Dam Part 1

As I was absent from Blogland for a few months I thought I'd let tell you about a few highlight events for us during that time.

The first was our camping trip to Boondooma Dam (near Murgon and Kingaroy) during the September/October school holidays.

It's our second time there and even though it's dry and dusty, there's redclaw in the dam.

There was a small group of us who went including my parents who brought along my two nephews and my Uncle (he towed the boat).

Luckily there was no fire ban so we got to have a campfire everyday.  Camping without a campfire is fun but with a campfire really makes it camping in my opinion.

There was lots of swimming.

When you have a whole dam on your doorstep and it's REALLY HOT, why wouldn't you swim as much as possible.

(It was 40 degrees celcius the afternoon we arrived and set up.  It's also very difficult to convince 4 children that they CAN'T go swimming in the middle of the day when they're really hot.)

Watersports were a must for the whole week we were there.  It was either swimming, or kayaking, or getting dragged along by the kayak......

......or going out fishing or putting the redclaw pots out in the boat.  Then there was the time the two biggest children decided to swim over to the other side of the inlet where we were camped.  Luckily they had life jackets on because hubby had decided to go for a paddle in the kayak and couldn't hear their calls for help.  

They had a boogie board with them but got a bit tired and didn't want to swim back.

Poppy to the rescue in the boat!  The two little boys were part of the rescue crew and shouted out many instructions at the top of their voices and became so jumbled that no-one knew what they were saying.

Once Poppy arrived the elder two wanted to be dragged along, no getting in the boat for them!

Other fun pursuits including riding bikes.  There's plenty of room and lots of tracks at the dam which mean Master M finally gathered enough courage to ride without training wheels.

Within about two hours he had gone from training wheels, then demanding they be taken off, to trying his first ride without them (no help from anybody).  Next thing I know he's pushed the bike up a hill and came hurtling down it at full speed with a HUGE grin and bouncing along over lots of bumps.

Talk about giving your mother a heart attack!  He certainly learnt how to handle a bike pretty quickly though and only had one crash that  I can remember.

Of course all the swimming, bike riding and exploring does tire you out and naps are taken wherever it's remotely possible.

I'll write some more about the week next time.

xx Susan

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