Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Meet May

May is my Christmas gift from my brother and his boys. 

On the 28th December there was a huge banging on my front door.  When I opened it I found a box on my front steps with no delivery person in sight.  I was a bit miffed that the delivery man was in such a hurry that he didn't wait around.

Then I noticed that the box wasn't taped closed and I began to get suspicious.  When I opened the box it was to find little May inside.  

That was the moment my two nephews jumped around the corner of the house yelling 'SURPRISE' at the top of their voices.  They were so excited to be giving me this special gift.

She has been a big hit with the kidlettes.  Master M is needing a quite a few pointers on how to look after a puppy.  He's a little rough!

Little Miss R has taken it upon herself to be our number one animal expert and I have to keep reminding her that May is a dog and can walk by herself.  As lovely as she is to cuddle, she doesn't need to be carried everywhere!

Patch is not quite sure about this new addition.  He's still a puppy himself really at only 15 months old and just wants to play with his half sister.  

Yes, May is Patch's half sister.  They share the same mother but have different father's.  Patch is nearly the spitting image of his father and May looks more like her father than mother.

I know you're a little jealous right now my boy but you have such a placid, gentle nature that I know you'll be fine, especially once May grows a bit bigger anyway.

During these really hot and humid days we found the best way to keep her cool as well a contained was to bring out the old playpen.  Unfortunately she's still small enough to squeeze through it and escape so we ended up wrapping some shade cloth around it today.  That way she's contained but can still keep sort of cool if there's a breeze around.

Lets hope she starts to sleep better soon as our Little May and both my kidlettes are banding together to give their mother very interrupted sleeps lately.

xx Susan

(P.S.  This is for Kylie:  Yes she does remind me of Anna.  You know how much we all loved that beautiful girl and I think that's one of the reason's why I fell in love with May the first time I saw her.  Time will only tell whether she has as big a personality as our Anna did!)

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bones said...

She's beautiful Susie. I hope she gives you even half the smiles that Anna did :)