Monday, December 30, 2013

Boondooma Dam - Part 2

I did mention that it was hot while we were at the dam.  Well it was in the high 30, low 40 degrees celcius pretty well every day we were there.

As a result we had a few good storms.

Watching them build up was pretty exciting but then we had to make sure that everything around camp was tied down and secured properly.

We even had some hail but luckily it wasn't very big so it didn't damage the cars.  The kids were a bit scared of the hail until I told them it was just chunks of ice.  I then had to run out into the storm to collect some and ate it to show them that it was fine.  

Bad move!  After that all they wanted to do was run out into the storm and collect the hail!  Ah well, they had fun, got soaked, cooled down and got to chomp on ice.  Then it was back in the dam for another swim because after the storm it was so hot and steamy again that it was like being in a sauna.

The main reason why we went to this particular dam this year is because they have redclaw.  The boat went out a couple of times a day to put the pots in and to check them.

The kids even learnt how to take the heads of them...

Even the little ones had a go although Master M didn't cope too well and freaked out a bit.  Nephew R was pretty happy with his though.

We also celebrated a birthday.  It was Nephew J's 9th birthday so we had some party food and a cake that was baked in the camp oven. 

Presents were opened around the campfire...

...and played with at the first opportunity.

Unfortunately there was only a small area we could fly the kite near our camp and there wasn't much wind.

But the dragon did get to fly and looked great.

It was another fantastic family camping trip and more wonderful memories for the kids especially.

xx Susan

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