Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You really have to try this!

I have finally had a go at felting something myself and it's SO MUCH FUN!
I was pretty limited with my wool roving selection but that didn't matter as I just wanted to have a go at making something.  I decided a small sample would be best to begin with to get me used to the whole process.
The below photo is after I had lay out the wool roving and added a few other pieces for effect.

Then after much hot, soapy water, plenty of rubbing and then lots of rolling, I finished with this....

The finished piece is about 15cm x 15cm which is about a quarter of its original size.  Now I just need a few more colours as I've got a couple of projects in mind.
Funnily enough hubby seemed quite happy for me to begin felting.  He mentioned that the whole process where you have to do the rolling would be good exercise and help me lose a little weight!  Best not to mention what I said to him about that!
xx Susan

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