Monday, 24 June 2013

Glasshouse Country Arts Trail

The newly formed Glasshouse Country Arts Trail kicked off over the weekend with their first open studios.
The group of around 10 artists have been working towards this for many months and will each have their studios open over the Queensland and NSW school holiday weekends.
I'm very excited about it because my very talented sister Sandra is a part of the group.  I got to spend time with her in the studio yesterday as well as Aannsha, a textile artist who is sharing Sandy's studio on open days.

What I loved when I walked in the door was the colour and variety of their art.  These girls don't just stick to one medium, they both diversify their talents and show off just how good they are.

Sandra does wonderful acrylic paintings, watercolours, collage (the toucan in the below photo is a collage), graphite and charcoal pictures.  I'm sure she does more too but they're the main ones I can think of at the moment.

Aannsha does some pretty amazing things with felt including wall art, scarves, bowls, jewellery, bags and purses.  Her work is exquisite.

Aannsha also did a felting demonstration in the studio on the day which I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED.
I've wanted to try felting for awhile but hadn't quite got it together to get in and have a go myself.  It was fantastic having a demonstration because I got to ask questions and see how it was done so I'm now not unsure of myself. 

As for the Arts Trail, they're open for the next three weekends and then will be open again later in the year, around October I think. 
So if you want something unique and very special for not only yourself but for gifts then come for a drive out to the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains area and take a peek at some of the studios.

Just for the record, the girls' also a wide variety of really reasonably priced items as they want to make good art accessible to everyone.

Now I've given them my little plug, I'm off to have a go at felting myself.  It's also a good excuse to finally clear my dining table as things have been piling up there lately and I do need the room to do my felting!
xx Susan

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Sandy said...

Awesome blog post my love (I am biased though). The felting was great wasn't it. Can't wait to see what you did today. Thanks for supporting us.

Sandy xxxx