Thursday, June 13, 2013

School Big Night Out and 125th Anniversary

We've had a few internet issues here this past week which is why I haven't posted about the school's Big Night Out yet, even though it was held last Saturday.
We were thinking that it was a modem problem until hubby got under the house this afternoon and realised that the dog had chewed through the secondary phone line! 
The dog is now back on the chain and not allowed off until hubby can come up with some alternative for him.
As for the Big Night Out, it's the annual school fete and this year was combined with the school's 125th Anniversary.
I was a very proud Mum as Master M was chosen to represent the current students to cut the anniversary cake.
They usually get past students and a current Prep student to cut the cake and this year they had two former student's from the 1930's and the Great-Granddaughter of the original principal in 1888 when the school opened.
One reason why Master M was chosen is that my kids are the 5th generation of my husbands family to go to the school.  There's a few fourth generation children but only three 5th generation kids at the school and two of those are my kids.  The other is my hubby's cousin's boy.

After the speeches, music performances, and a fantastic video of the school from the 1970's (which is how I remember the school), it was time to have some fun.
I had to run off to help on the class stalls but after that it was out to the oval for the rides.

Jumping castles, huge slippery dips, chair swings, a merry go round, spinning tea cups and some other spinning ride for the big kids was all set up on the small oval.

A few brief showers in the afternoon didn't dampen spirits but thank goodness they went away otherwise the fireworks would have been cancelled.
They weren't and we were treated to a fantastic display with lots of excited people looking on.
After that it was time for home and if I was hoping my kids were tired out after such a big day then I was doomed for disappointment.  They were so hyper that it took quite awhile for them to settle down.
We all crashed in the end though and now have more fond memories of another wonderful day.
xx Susan

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