Thursday, December 13, 2012

What my boy's up to now

Master M is so ready for school. We just need to survive the Christmas period and get through January without too many more disaster's.
Yesterday I left him outside with the dog for LESS THAN 5 MINUTES while I ran inside and wrapped my Mum's birthday present.
I came outside to this....
Somehow my not quite 5 year old son got some rope around one corner of the clothes line and then wrapped it around the pole of the clothes line.  I'm not sure exactly what he did to get it looking like this though.

It's definately snapped off.  As hubby's back at work my neighbour and his son (yes, the ones who felled a tree on my fence and gate last week), came over to look at it for me. 
It's now in two parts with the line section on the ground and hopefully some cutting and welding by hubby next week to get it back together.
Oh and he's also painted the toilet blue using the toilet brush.  It's now quite stained.
Family beware, I maybe in need of your assistance with sleepovers during the school holidays to help save my sanity when Shane's away.
xx Susan

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