Friday, December 14, 2012

Making Christmas

I'm trying to make as many Christmas presents as I can this year. It's not only to keep the costs down but also because I don't want to buy the same old things as everyone else in the shops. 
Two of my nephews are getting these laundry bags.

A laundry bag is certainly not a fun gift but their mum did request them.  I may make some superhero masks and gauntlettes like I did for Little Miss R recently so they have something a bit more exciting.

For Little Miss R's teacher I've made a couple of Ouchie packs.  She has two small boys and I thought these would be great for them.  They're just small wheat packs which I keep in the freezer so when the kids have their bumps and spills they grab an Ouchie pack. 
They're cool enough and pliable enough to go on bumps and bruises but not so completely freezing that they don't want to use them.

I've also made a number of shopping bags which I'll give to various people with their presents, including Little Miss R's teacher.

They're really easy to make and I always fully line them and make sure everything's re-inforced so they're pretty sturdy.

I've almost finished 3 more swimming bags which will soon be winging their way north to Cairns for my two nephews and niece.

Yes the sewing elf has been busy around here. 
Don't you love these elf boots.  My nephew was going to his daycare concert dressed as an elf and my sister-in-law asked if I could sew him some elf boots. 
I found a couple of patterns for them but I didn't really like them too much so I just made my own up.  They're pretty awesome and Nephew R loves them.  Master M and Little Miss R now both want a pair!

I've also realised that there's less than two weeks to go until the big day and I'm nowhere near ready at this stage.  I'd better exercise that presser foot!
xx Susan

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