Monday, December 3, 2012

Tree Day

One of the days during the first weekend in December is designated as Tree Day every year.
This is a tradition started by my sister and takes place at her house every December.  It's the day when her niece and nephews decorate her Christmas tree.
It's such a lovely tradition and as the kids are getting older they are beginning to remember previous years and look forward to the day.
First of all there's the anticipation of their first Christmas present of the year which is always a special decoration.
Opening presents at any time is always so much fun and tree day is no exception.

It's all very exciting getting that new decoration that are always the first to go on the tree.

Then it's time to go through all the other decorations and hang them wherever they fit. 

Chairs are used because the kidlettes always want the decorations placed higher than they can reach.

We may also have some budding mechanics in the family as the underside of the tree is not to be left out.

When it comes to the special decorations, the kids now have lovely memories from years past.  My sister always writes somewhere on the decoration the child's name and which year they were given it.

Sandy and her husband love to travel and she often buys the kidlettes special decorations from other countries during the years they've been away.
Two years ago they travelled to Canada and some parts of north-west America and so the decoration was this gorgeous gold maple leaf.

The final look will never be found in the pages of a magazine but we know just how much fun has been had decorating so that makes it so lovely and special.

It's not just the tree that gets decorated of course.  The kidlettes are given some other decorations and tinsel to put up around the house to make the important areas look festive.  Areas like the lounge, the dining room, the toilet.....

...the bathroom....

I'm sure my sister will be finding decorations in odd places for the next few days.
The most exciting of rooms that they all wanted to help decorate was Uncle Jeff's office.

I'm sure he's so happy with the love that has been thrown his way.
It was a really hot day so after the decorating and leftover birthday cake (from hubby's party the night before), it was time for a swim.  Hubby got to spend nice pool time with the kids while I stayed in my sister's air-conditioned house and watched the cricket. (I'm shocking I know!)
Hope you all have you own lovely little Christmas traditions.
xx Susan


Sandy said...

What a lovely post. It was a fun day and SO MUCH EASIER than previous years! Whoohoo, finally! I loved how the kids were so excited to be reunited with their past decorations. Cute. So true about the mysterious tinsel placement, you should see the laundry baskets.....

bones said...

Oh I love this tradition. How special!!! We put our tree up the other night and the girls were so cute skipping around it and singing Christmas carols. It's great now that they're getting older and this year they are SO excited about Christmas.